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Tori and Lokita
Festival's special 75th anniversary Prize
In one of their best films, the Dardenne brothers bring forth a powerful, social-realistic cry for humanity and humanism. In Belgium today, a young boy and an adolescent girl who have travelled alone from Africa pit their invincible friendship against the difficult conditions of their exile.
Lokita is trying to satisfy the authorities that yes, she tracked down her eight-year-old younger brother Tori in a West African orphanage and recognized him—despite not having seen him since he was a baby—and her anxiety is palpable. She’s not a convincing witness. And indeed, Tori is not a blood relation; the pair met up on their grueling odyssey across Europe. But their bond runs deeper than mere opportunism. In a hostile and dangerous environment, they offer one another unstinting love and support. Billeted temporarily in a state-run centre, they work nights side-by-side in an Italian restaurant, and then run “errands” (drugs) for the chef. The Dardenne brothers work with such consistency at the highest level (Two Days, One Night; The Unknown Girl), there is a temptation to take their films for granted. That would be a mistake. When so much of cinema is dominated by escapist fantasies of power and strength, the Dardennes have grounded their stories in social realism and empathy for the vulnerable and the weak. Their latest ratchets up the tension and pummels the heart.
Directed by
Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne
Written by
Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne
Edited by
Marie-Hélène Dozo
Benoît Dervaux
Sound by
Thomas Gauder
Pablo Schils, Joely Mbundu, Alban Ukaj, Tijmen Govaerts, Charlotte De Bruyne, Nadège Ouedraogo
Original title
Tori et Lokita
English title
Tori and Lokita
Belgium, France
Running time
88 min
Age rating
Release date
28. 9. 2023
CS/SK Distributor
Film Europe
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11. 10. 2023
Tori and Lokita
12. 10. 2023
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Tori and Lokita
18. 10. 2023
Tori and Lokita
Tori and Lokita
23. 10. 2023
Tori and Lokita
31. 10. 2023


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